Clean Food is a right

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Toronto Black Farmers and Food Growers Collective

TBFGC - Pesto Workshop
Downsview Community Hub
August , 2016
Contact Us:
Downsview Parc @keele Street & Sheppard Avenue West - (where the three greenhouse are on the lot)
70 Canuck Avenue, Toronto, ON, M3K 2C9
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Summer 2015, Season

Strategic & Collaborative Partnerships:
  • FoodShare Toronto
  • Lush
  • Afrocentri School - Parent Council
  • TD Park People
  • Global Family of Farmers
  • Raw4 Health & Wellness
  • Penyam Jamorai Relief Organization
  • Friends in Toronto

Who we are:

The Toronto Black Farmers and Food Collective are a group of people who came together out of food oppression  and  have decided to talk about our food experiences as Afro-people.  We are farmers, growers, small food business owners, and food insecure people.  We are standing against food injustices, food insecurity and working to build a platform of sovereigty.  As we are working in this vast ecletic food culture of Toronto we are creating a welcoming space for food insecure people. We have been farming out of Downsview Parc @ Keele Street & Sheppard Avenue West,  This has been our fourth season.We are one of three Cross Cultural Food Hubs in partnership with FoodShare Toronto.  We welcome the community to come out and visit us and support our work, see the bounty of food that we have grown in one of Toronto Largest Urban Parks.

2015 Fall Harvest - squashes & pumpkins donated to community

Transplanting Okra in 2015
South East corner of Downsview Parc